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Whether you are just starting to embrace your leadership or you are an experienced leader who may have hit the glass ceiling and things are a bit stagnant. Our Gold Medal leadership program takes you through a journey to identify what’s holding you back and give you the tools to embrace and seize your leadership propelling you forward to success and prosperity. We will cover the 6 Steps to Success, and you get to tap into what I know after 30 years of leadership and let me help you grow and thrive with the techniques, tips and tools I used to be successful. I’ll help you avoid those pitfalls and teach you to leverage your strengths to not only save yourself time and money, but put that money back into your bank account! https://leadershipwithlaura.com/buildconfidence/

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Module 1  46:07min
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Module 2  59:17min
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Module 3  56:25min
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Module 4  40:19min
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Module 5  01:17:22min
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Module 6  55:47min
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About the Session Leader

Leadership Accelerator - Communication Expert - As a 3X World Champion I help you develop the skills, give you tools and map out the action plan to reach your full potential that will fast-track you on the road to extraordinary leadership success.

Who I am?

Throughout my many careers, I have always tried to be a beacon of leadership to those around me. As a 3X World Champion Martial Artist, I know what it takes to get to the pinnacle of success and create a leadership legacy that ripples out into the world both personally and professionally. My skills and experience have defined who I am what I have to offer and how I help others step into their power and greatness. My experience and accumulated knowledge, from working in the corporate world to becoming a world championship martial artist and a communication expert have provided me the ability to effectively teach others to heal and balance their mind/body connection and to step into their greatness.

What I do?

I help successful entrepreneurs, executives and those who want to achieve world champion leadership abilities and communication mastery, to drive your businesses to the next level by strengthening your confidence in the sales and relationship process, transforming & expanding your money mindset, empowering you to connect and deepen your business relationships and expanding your personal and professional growth to give you the Gold Medal income you deserve.