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Dolly Cortes, President & CEO, Rose Gold Publishing, LLC

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Dolly Cortes of Rose Gold Publishing, LLC is dedicated to helping individuals Write to Heal from their past traumatic experiences so their Voices can be Heard. Since 2018, this company has helped many individuals become published authors by sharing their stories. This course is made up of seven modules.   It offers an option for healing and it’s for individuals who need to heal from emotional pain derived from past traumatic experiences.   It offers lessons and guides you to share your feelings in writing without fear of judgment, without guilt, and with the hope of understanding.  It offers a different perspective on how to address your pain and teaches you gently to release it.   This course was created because there is too much pain in this world.  I found many individuals need assistance in learning to Write to Heal from their past traumatic experiences so their Voices Could be Heard!   Each module is set up to ask you a number of questions deemed necessary for you to reflect on and write. We hope you will learn from them, but most importantly, may they help you heal some of your pain. Welcome to the journey!

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About the Session Leader

Dolly Cortes is an energized Latina Leader, an International Motivational Speaker, an

Author, a Certified Life & Business Coach and the President & CEO of Rose Gold Publishing, LLC.

She launched Rose Gold Publishing, LLC, a non-traditional, hybrid publishing company to encourage everyday people to Write to Heal from their past traumatic experiences so their Voices Can Be Heard! Her program includes coaching to help non-writers become published authors and an annual Author’s Gala that celebrates their writing journey.

In addition, she founded a Meetup group called Write to Heal, to work directly with her local community and co-hosts a weekly talk show, The DnA Authority. She is also the Founder of Dolly, the Magazine. A magazine for women of all ages with articles written by women. This magazine will have a clear message of inspiration and empowerment.

She has authored multiple books and is also launching her own line of journals, in English/Spanish, with a focus on healing and empowerment for both men, women and the LGBTQ community. She’s been the emcee for multiple organizations while also appearing in multiple media outlets. Her focus has always been to impact the masses, one soul at a time.

Dolly Cortes President & CEO

Rose Gold Publishing, LLC