Master your Communication and Collaboration Skills

Kornelia Zegiel - Global Woman Regional Director, Frankfurt


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  • Master your Communication and Collaboration Skills


Paul Watzlawick Austrian psychologist said "One cannot not communicate" communication plays a fundamental role in our lives and society. It is impossible not to communicate and run the business without good communication skills. I believe that everyone can move confidently and efficiently to achieve all the objectives in record time. During my ten years' experience of leading a virtual team, I have learned that to be effective you need to master your communication skills. You need to have an efficient system, great tools, and well-established processes. In this course, I will present the 7 step blueprint formula to sustain effective communication with a Virtual Team. I will teach you simple techniques to build your cross-cultural communication skills: as a manager, peer, or coworker. Communicating is not all about talking and messaging yourself you need to know that active listening is having big power. I will introduce you to 5 ways to listen better. In leadership, transparency is playing a key role especially if you want to be seen as a trusted leader. You will learn how to communicate your purpose, and express your message with authenticity. How to communicate with transparency in order to gain the trust and build deeper and lasting connections with the people that matter to you.

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if you are struggling how to grow your business professionally and financially in a SMART and more effective way, I can take you through a successful journey. Perhaps, you aspire to create your own company, however you don’t know where to start. I will support you with landing your prosperous dreams and bringing them to the reality.I will help you to build and lead successfully multicultural team and sustain effective communication.