How to write a book, self publish and become Amazon best seller

Mirela Sula

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  • How to write a book, self publish and become Amazon best seller


All the top leaders, across industries, write books to boost their brand and grow their business. This means that publishing a book is very important if you want to create a niche audience and build relationship with them before you start selling. The book is the main content that you generate and the foundation to build the whole blueprint around your services. The book is your passport to enter the to other people’s world full of imagination, questions, concerns and needs. If in business, your book should address the same needs as your business is solving for your audience. If you are not in business yet, the book will help you to find your audience, build your platform and start your business. Don’t underestimate the value of your expertise.

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Mirela Sula has worked in media and education for the last 20 years and has speaking experience all around the world. Her background takes in psychology and counselling, journalism, teaching, coaching, women’s rights and media training.


Mirela is CEO and the founder of Global Woman magazine and Global Woman Club, with the recent acquisition of ‘The Business Woman Today’, an online network exclusively for women in business. Mirela is also the organiser of the Global Woman Summit and Global Woman Awards. She has appeared on “London Live TV”, “BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hours”, “Sky TV”, “Channel 5” and also featured at the “Evening Standard” and “The Guardian”.


Mirela is studying for a PhD in Psychology at Regent’s University London to follow on from her Master’s degree. She is also the author of several books. Her last self-help book ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Go’ was a best seller and is also published in America and Turkey. Mirela has created clubs for women in 26 cities around the world and has helped hundreds of women to unlock their potential, set up their goals and achieve their dreams. She also has created Migrant Woman Talks, a platform that invites women to share their stories and experience of life in a new country. Mirela has received many awards for her work. She is passionate about empowering women worldwide and always stands up for inclusion, diversity, gender balance and supporting the next generation.